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Corporate & Group

Prevention, Response & Total Commitment to Resolution

Redpoint places medical and security experts as close to a client emergency as possible. We’re in the business of providing solutions with timely and decisive action.

Our services include:

  • Travel assistance
  • Medical evacuations, rescue, search and security extractions
  • Individual travel insurance combined with Redpoint’s high-end evacuation solutions
  • Intelligence
  • Security operations services

Medical & Security Evacuations

Redpoint provides clients the customized evacuation solutions their traveling and expatriate employees need. Decisions are made by paramedics, doctors and special operations veterans – the professionals you want in an emergency. Redpoint uses private air ambulance, commercial airlines, rotary wing aircraft, ground and marine vehicles to extract your people and get them to the care they need.

Got me home when it counted despite the complexity of my particular medical issue. My wife puts it well: made us feel like we were part of a special operation.

Craig L.
  • Medical evacuations led by physicians, paramedics and nurses
  • Critical medical advice provided by Stanford Medicine-affiliated physicians
  • Political, natural disaster, armed conflict, and security extractions led by special operations veterans, intelligence specialists, and other expert security professionals
  • Rescue services provided from point of injury or security emergency
  • Deployable medical and security experts to the crisis location
  • Customized evacuation solutions based on client need

24/7 Travel Assistance and Intelligence & Services

Redpoint provides client employees access to robust 24/7 operations centers capable of managing hundreds of thousands of calls per year.

The minute I called Redpoint, they sent out a team to get me from the middle of nowhere and to stabilize my neck and spine, and with help from the doctors on the line, the first responders ensured I was going to be in the best hands possible right when I got to Anchorage.

Mark P.
Ripcord Insurance evacuation helicopter
  • Travel assistance services to include: legal referrals, prescription refills, a guarantee of medical payments, document replacement, and emergency message relay
  • Central operations center staffed around the clock with security and medical professionals always accessible to your employees
  • Medical advisory and medical facility referral services from experienced medical professionals, including physicians affiliated with Stanford Medicine
  • Security advisory services from military veterans, intelligence specialists and other security experts
  • Employee travel tracking and asset monitoring services
  • Web-based global country and city intelligence and risk rating, as well as mass notification services

Security Operation Services

In addition to crisis response services, Redpoint will act as an outsourced security department for a client if desired, providing companies with the benefits of professional security expertise without them having to build an in-house team and operations center. We encourage using industry best practices to design procedures and enact low-cost training exercises.

Ripcord client gets evacuated on gurney

Working with Nepal military units, Redpoint Operations assists in emergency medical care for impacted local villagers after the 2015 earthquake.

  • Complete corporate outsourced security and medical operations management
  • Travel risk management solutions
  • Advance details and executive protection teams
  • Scenario training and crisis management exercises
  • Crisis management, protocol procedure design, and contingency planning services tailored to client need
  • High risk environment employee travel safety management

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